The services that FEE bank will present are as follow:
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Documentary Collections

A more flexible service on facilitation of export or import operations.
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Documentary Credit

Document of assurance that seller will receive payment when trading takes place remotely.
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Short term, medium term, & long term trade finance

Generally covers the purchase and sales of goods.
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Invoice Discounting & Factoring

A process dedicated for initial account setup and ongoing funding.
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Bill of Exchange

Negotiable instrument for guaranteeing payment in accordance to specific terms.
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Negotiation of documentary collection

Commercial documents on exported goods with collection schedule and bill of exchange.
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Acceptance Credit

Documentary credit where beneficiary draws a usance bill for subsequent acceptance by the bank.

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Negotiation of Drafts & Documents drown under Documentary Credit

Negotiation when presentation complies the T&C of documentary credit.
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Assignment of Proceeds under a Documentary Credit

Pre-shipment finance offered to seller or supplier.
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Produce Loan for Importers

A short term loan secured against a charge on the assets of company or bank guarantees.
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Medium to Long Term Trade Finance

Used to finance capital goods and services.
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Replacement of debt obligation with another debt obligation under different terms.
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Supplier & Buyer Credit

Short term credit available to importers from overseas lenders for imported goods.
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Financial transaction involving the purchase of receivables from exporters by a forfeiter.
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Export Guarantee

Insurance policy that protects exporters against non-payment.

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